Things About How Fashion Trends Start and Why You Should Know About it


Things About How Fashion Trends Start and Why You Should Know About it

Fashion is a dynamic and ever-changing industry that reflects the social, cultural, and economic conditions of the times. Every year, new trends emerge and old ones make a comeback, creating a diverse and exciting landscape of styles and expressions. In this article, we will explore how fashion trends start and what the pros and cons of being in a trend are.

How fashion trends start from various sources?

The runway, street style, celebrities, fashion blogs, and fashion capitals are the main sources of fashion trends. However, the inception of a fashion trend can often be traced back to a singular, influential source that captures the public’s attention and imagination. For example:

Things About How Fashion Trends Start in Runways

  • The micro-fringe trend was started by designer Dries Van Noten, who used it to create a dramatic and artistic effect on his Spring/Summer 2024 collection. He said that he wanted to create a contrast between the softness of the fringe and the hardness of the metal, leather, and denim that he used for his clothes.
  • The business sensual trend was started by designer Riccardo Tisci, who introduced it in his debut collection for Givenchy. He said that he wanted to explore the idea of sensuality in a modern and sophisticated way, using sheer fabrics to create a sense of mystery and seduction.
  • The major mod micro-mini trend was started by designer Alessandro Michele, who revived it in his eclectic and colorful collection for Gucci. He said that he wanted to pay homage to the youth culture and the pop art of the 1960s, using sequins and rhinestones to create a festive and joyful mood.
  • The corporate look trend was started by designer Demna Gvasalia, who reinvented it in his oversized and exaggerated collection for Balenciaga. He said that he wanted to challenge the stereotypes and expectations of the corporate world, using broad shoulders and loose fits to create a sense of power and confidence.
  • The high-fashion sportswear trend was started by designer Grace Wales Bonner, who collaborated with Adidas to create a collection that fused sportswear and tailoring. She said that she wanted to celebrate the diversity and richness of Caribbean culture, using vibrant colors and patterns to create a unique and elegant style.

Benefits of Being in a Trend

Being in a trend can have both positive and negative effects on the individual and society. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of being in a trend are:

 How Fashion Trends Start and the Benefits


  • Being in a trend can make you more popular, as you will be seen as fashionable, stylish, and up-to-date by your peers and others. This can boost your social status and reputation, as well as your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Being in a trend can be fun, as you will be able to experiment with different styles, colors, and accessories and express your personality and creativity through your outfits. This can also challenge you to try new things and step out of your comfort zone.
  • Being in a trend can help you dress like your idols, as you will be able to emulate the looks and styles of your favorite celebrities, influencers, or designers. This can give you a sense of identity and inspiration, as well as a connection with the people you admire.
  • Being in a trend can be helpful to find a partner, as you will be more attractive and appealing to potential mates who share your taste and preference in fashion. This can also make you more compatible and relatable with them, as you will have something in common to talk about and bond over.


  • Being in a trend can be costly, as you will have to buy new clothes and accessories quite often to keep up with the changing fashion. This can put a strain on your budget and savings, as well as your closet space and storage.
  • Being in a trend can be bad for the environment, as you will contribute to the fast fashion industry, which produces a lot of waste, pollution, and carbon emissions. This can also harm the workers and the animals that are involved in the production and supply chain of the fashion industry.
  • Being in a trend can make you dependent on your style, as you will base your happiness and satisfaction on how you look and what you wear. This can make you vulnerable to the opinions and judgments of others, as well as the pressure and competition of the fashion industry.
  • Being in a trend can lead to shallow values in society, as you will focus more on the appearance and the material aspects of life than the substance and the meaning. This can also make you less authentic and original, as you will follow the crowd and the mainstream rather than your own individuality and uniqueness.

Should You Try to Be Always on Fashion Trend?

Following fashion trends can have many benefits, such as making you more popular, confident, and fun. However, it is not always necessary or advisable to always be on fashion trend. In fact, there are some drawbacks and challenges to following fashion trends too closely, such as being costly, bad for the environment, and dependent on others’ opinions. Therefore, it is important to find a balance between being fashionable and being yourself. You can do this by:

How Fashion Trends Start and Should You Try It?

  • Choosing the trends that suit your personality, taste, and lifestyle rather than blindly following what others are wearing.
  • Mixing and matching the trends with your own style rather than copying the exact outfits from magazines or celebrities.
  • Being creative and original, rather than being predictable and boring.
  • Being selective and mindful, rather than being impulsive and wasteful.

By doing this, you can enjoy the advantages of following fashion trends while avoiding the disadvantages. You can also express your individuality and uniqueness while being in tune with the times. You can be both fashionable and authentic, which is the best way to be.

Fashion is a form of art and expression

How fashion trends start is an integral and inevitable part of the fashion industry and society. They reflect the changes and developments of the times, as well as the preferences and tastes of the people. However, being in a trend can also have some drawbacks and challenges, depending on how you approach and manage it. Therefore, it is important to be aware and informed of the fashion trends that are coming back in 2024 and to decide for yourself whether you want to follow them or not. After all, fashion is a form of art and expression, and you are the one who can make it your own.

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